Insite Software: Facilitating a Seamless E-commerce Experience

Steve Shaffer, CEO
For many manufacturers and distributors in the formative years of their digital journey, e-commerce and digital maturity is all about integrating core business systems, processes and data across the enterprise, while understanding its impact on their channels and customer expectations. “A successful e-commerce project is ultimately about providing a unified, engaging and sustainable experience for people, customers and channel partners. Our expertise is in powering and enabling commerce on the web and beyond,” says Steve Shaffer, CEO, Insite Software. Unlike other e-commerce solutions that were originally architected for B2C and then re-architected for B2B companies, Shaffer says, “The fact that Insite was built for B2B from its inception is our biggest advantage for meeting the needs of enterprise manufactures and distributors in terms of robust core functionality and capabilities, while at the same time offering the breadth and flexibility to serve companies of all sizes.”

The company’s InsiteCommerce platform is an e-commerce framework that customers can rely upon to integrate and extend their core business systems and processes across many solutions for their people, channel partners and customers. “B2B is all about people, and at Insite we believe that our value for our customers goes beyond just building an e-commerce website,” asserts Shaffer. Customers can deploy the InsiteCommerce core API engine according to their requirement—whether to take advantage of Insite’s Content Management System (CMS) capability or integrate to another end user solution or build a custom front end. The InsiteCommerce platform includes additional modules for mobile, product management and cXML integration capabilities to better manage EDI and punchout orders. InsiteCommerce also enables customers to power other solutions including a customer service representative portal and sales portal for representatives in the field.

Since one size doesn’t fit for all B2B customers, Insite has engineered InsiteCommerce to provide accessibility via web and mobile, researchability, and transactional capabilities for automation and empowerment. The other principle that dovetails on this thinking is the “in the moment” nature of B2B—whether it be internal staff or external customers and channel partners, the company empowers people to offer the right information at the right time in the right way to drive business, making it easier to engage and transact.

B2B is all about people, and at Insite we believe that our value for customers goes beyond just building an e-commerce website

Built on the .NET Framework, InsiteCommerce helps ensure that the investments of customers and Insite are grounded in a long-lasting ecosystem that continues to thrive and innovate. This allows control over the entire user experience and business logic, critical in B2B environments. In an implementation highlight, MORSCO, a leading US distributor of commercial and residential plumbing, is transforming from a traditional distribution holding company to a high growth distribution operating company, with e-commerce being the heart of this strategy. Working in collaboration with Insite, MORSCO has launched an initial production site, which is stable and well received by customers, while running new order entry automation processes.

“We offer our customers robust e-commerce capabilities “out-of-the-box” that ultimately drive faster time to market and lower cost of ownership,” affirms Shaffer. With a deep passion for customer success and driving innovation, Shaffer believes in continuously engaging with customers, to understand their key business processes and requirements to ensure that Insite’s technologies continue to solve the biggest challenges. For instance, Insite’s new solution for Customer Service Reps (CSRs) includes an “Order Rules Engine” that allows CSRs to set alerts and workflows across all their customers, and all their channels—effectively managing the “transactional intensity” that impact their business.“I aspire to continue to energize and support our people and make sure we get the critical elements right for our customers,” says Shaffer.

Insite Software Solutions, Inc.

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Steve Shaffer, CEO

Insite goes beyond traditional e-commerce to unify people, channels and products across the enterprise to transform B2B transactions into experiences

Insite Software Solutions, Inc.