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Jeff C.Varner, CEO, CFO & Managing Partner
E-commerce technologies have opened up a treasure trove of opportunities for businesses—with ostensibly overnight success stories. With changing customer habits and growing affinity toward online shopping, what businesses need today is an impressive e-commerce site and compelling marketing program, which can set themselves apart from the bigger players in the market. “Being a small online business owner, one can be wrought up about Amazon; but with a niche market for specific customers, an excellent customer experience and a professional web design, an online business can stay well ahead of the curve,” expresses Jeff C.Varner, CEO, CFO, and Managing Partner, Pure-Ecommerce.

Since its inception, Pure- Ecommerce has been building high quality internet business opportunities that include professional web design to match customer requirements and industry trends. The company has amassed a team of experts to make business owners’ dream of running an e-commerce business a reality. With a 10 step consulting and training process, the experts at Pure-Ecommerce assist their clients in every aspect of creating, operating, and growing their e-commerce business in line with customer preferences, along with the knowledge to improve customer experience and sales.

Pure-Ecommerce offers two options for its clients to set up an online business: Ready-to-go, “Business in a Box” boutique websites or custom designed internet business. “Either way—building a custom site, or purchasing one that is ready-made—we have the team to assist owners and help them choose and implement the best business practices for success,” affirms Varner. The custom build or Business in a Box Package allows the client to collaborate with the design team for creating the look, feel, and framework of the website, and also participate in selecting the vendors and products to work with.

“We regularly conduct vendor research to find great quality products that are drop shipped by reputable vendors here in the U.S.,” expresses Varner.
Pure-Ecommerce also allots individual project managers to work with each client in setting up the initial vendor relationships and helping the client choose the products they are interested in selling. And this is a critical piece, exclaims Varner. “The client is assigned a project manager that guides them through the process and provides and gives the client a sense they are not on their own and someone is looking over their shoulder to help.”

At the end of the 10 step process, owners are guaranteed with a 100 percent impressive and responsive web site that fulfills the modern customers' shopping expectations, regardless of the device they chose to shop from—PC, tablet or smartphone.

In addition to all these, Pure- Ecommerce has a dedicated team of content writers who can add quality content for the internet business. “We jump-start the SEO and marketing with any one of our many affordable packages—paving the path of success for small online business owners,” asserts Varner. “It’s not enough to build a beautifully, best practices, well designed site. The client must learn how to run an online business from the backend of the site to understanding marketing and advertising strategies to position their business for success. This is absolutely critical to separate your business from the competition. This is why 50 percent of our 10 Step Process is geared towards, just that— advertising, marketing, and building the clients’ brand.”

This helps their clients in a big way, like in the case with a client that had a furniture business. Pure-Ecommerce’s dedicated experts made the client look at their competition, profit margin and retail pricing and then restructured their shipping policy, to be presented to their customers. Coupled with best practices, this strategy enabled the client to stay competitive and achieve profit in a short time.

Pure-Ecommerce plans to continue to mentor and consult with more business owners—turning them into true entrepreneurs and getting their e-commerce website up and running. “We are excited to be part of the e-commerce community for the past 10 years, helping others to fulfill their dream, if not the American dream, of being successful in owning their own business in the rapidly growing marketplace of e-commerce. We love what we do!” concludes Varner.


Cary, NC

Jeff C.Varner, CEO, CFO & Managing Partner

Designs internet businesses to match current customer needs and industry trends