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Jessica Thorpe, President and Co-Founder
Ecommerce growth is key for brands to win market share and influencer marketing has proven to help brands as a critical pillar in a marketing plan. While there are many tactics that can help to drive ecommerce growth, the ones that drive qualified traffic and increase conversion rates are the ones that will deliver results.Influencer marketing is successful here because it drives the demand side of this equation by combining the credibility of traditional experts with the trust factor previously reserved for friends and family. In fact, recent research conducted by in partnership with Geometry Global said that consumers trust social media influencers more than friends, family, brand and so the celebrity endorsement is out and your favorite YouTuber or TikToker is in.

The other half of the equation is conversion. Besides pricing discounts and promotions, one of the best ways to increase conversion rate is to have sufficient enhanced content. This includes product videos, lifestyle images and testimonials. This is what makes so special. Their platform and their solution unlocks influencer content, transforms it and delivers it to product pages of top retailers to help educate customers and increase sales within the retail channel.

The platform is truly a one-stop shop for brands looking to win in social commerce. By combining influencer marketing workflow, content management, performance analytics and retail syndication under one roof. With the content creation and syndication working together, it brings the social proof directly into retail channels to lift conversion rate and convert more shoppers into customers. The also platform helps brands answer the question about ROI with actual performance and sales data.

As brands continue to increase investments in influencer marketing, often diverting investments away from traditional media budgets, a primary concern for marketers is measurement. addresses this problem with its solution that collects shopping behavior data, traffic data and sales conversion data from key retailer partners. By overlaying that ecommerce reporting with the expected social performance data, a full picture emerges, and campaign success can be evaluated.

For over 15 years, has been paving a path for brands marketers to achieve success by unlocking the power of authentic storytelling and rich media to inspire and educate consumers. Fortune 500 brands and retailers look to for their one-of-a-kind technology and expertise in the convergence of social media, digital advertising, and ecommerce to meet brand goals.

“Think of as a hub, helping bridge the gap between social media and e-commerce to drive brand awareness, engagement, and increased sales,” explains Jessica Thorpe, President and Co-Founder of

Think of as a hub, helping bridge the gap between social media and e-commerce to drive brand awareness, engagement, and increased sales

Brands can leverage the’ platform to manage all the moving parts of an influencer marketing campaign such as contracting, budgeting, content approval, publishing, and reporting.

Closed loop measurement is possible based on the retail connections that have developed. Brands can monitor traffic and sales on their DTC site as well as on major retailers including Amazon, Walmart, Target and Best Buy.

The platform serves up performance data that allows customers to understand which influencers, what posts and what social channels are working best to achieve an organization’s goals. With this data, brands can refine their influencer strategy and optimize campaigns in real-time to reach their target audience in a compelling and cost-effective manner, optimizing investments.

While most influencer marketing stops at publishing content and collecting social metrics, has developed a content syndication infrastructure which enables brands to truly unlock the power of their social content. This allows lifestyle content to be integrated directly on product pages within the retail channel and giving the influencer sourced content a ‘second life’ that adds to the value equation and drive measureable sales impact for as long as the content is live, and the product is for sale online. Through the syndication solution, customers have seen increases in conversion rates by 20 percent or more depending on the product category.

Looking ahead, is set to launch more digital shelf readiness features, performance-based influencer payment models and a host of new tools to aid brands looking to dive deeper into measurement and analytics around shopping behaviors. The aim is to provide more visibility through better data and insights visualizations to help brands plan and execute better influencer marketing strategies. ​ also has plans for more integrations with retailers and brands and other technologies to enable a more frictionless experience at the intersection of social and shopping.


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Jessica Thorpe, President and Co-Founder

Social Commerce Company providing best-in-class service and an influencer marketing platform that combines workflow, content management, performance measurement and retail syndication, helping brands maximize investments and achieve maximum ROI