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James Kane, CEO
The unprecedented growth in the online retail space can be attributed to the omni-channel marketing environment and an influx of e-commerce solutions. The emphasis has gradually shifted to implementing digital marketing strategies based on industry specific marketing trends with intuitive new technologies supporting them. “Amazing marketing automation software, like Pardot and Marketo are available in the marketplace today, but the independent retailers we serve don’t have the budget, CRM tools, or the technical expertise needed to integrate these off-the-shelf marketing automation platforms with their own systems,” explains James Kane, CEO, Retailer Web Services.

Based out of Scottsdale, Arizona, Retailer Web Services is a vertically integrated web design firm with offerings that support the technology endeavors of independent durable goods retailers. RWS’s first product, RetailDeck, is a cloud based application built specifically for appliance retailers. RetailDeck provides unique real time inventory tracking that can be used by retail buyers to view and track their warehouse inventory and prices. In addition, the tool features capabilities that enable a retailer to access digital product specifications for over 1,000 brands. With over 5,000 individual users of the application, RetailDeck has emerged as an authoritative source for normalized product data and pricing in the appliance retail space.

The findings of a comprehensive consumer research study conducted by RWS on how consumers shop for new appliances, furniture, and mattresses, suggest that retailers’ e-commerce strategies can be crafted based on online consumer behavior patterns. The company has made concerted efforts in guiding retailers towards these empirical best practices with their extensive research findings and even published a book on the subject entitled ‘RE:THiNK, 11 surprising things you should do now to win retail customers in the digital age’. This data driven approach enables RWS’s clients to confidently implement customer centric e-commerce solutions that are a real game changer.

We’ve learned that even though we serve a pretty specific niche, not every retailer within that demographic is the same

“We’ve learned that even though we serve a pretty specific niche, not every retailer within that demographic is the same,” remarks Kane.

RWS’s WebFronts Level 4 is another integrated digital marketing product that caters to the needs of durable goods retailers. The solution offers a varied range of functionalities that include a professionally designed product-rich website, customer and prospect profiling, and even the creation and omni-channel execution of relevant promotional content. These are the activities small appliance, furniture and mattress retailers must accomplish to stay relevant today, but cannot execute when left to figure it out all on their own. As one RWS customer, Christian Jason - the President of Boston Appliance Company - states: “Being a 4th generation 35 year old business owner it is ever so important to be on the forefront of online advertising etc. Without WebFronts and RWS we would be non-existent in this ever challenging industry - so thank you!” Independent appliance and furniture retailers continually face a major challenge of coping against the competition posed by mega-retailers. “The complexity in digital marketing can be attributed to the fact that the technology that empowers it is still very much in its infancy, particularly when you look at it from an ‘ease of use’ standpoint,” opines Kane. RWS aims to continue to augment its capabilities and become a “one stop digital marketing shop” for a specific set of industries in the near future. The prime target market for the company are the small retailers with limited resources, as the firm is intent on differentiating their services from the usual “cookie cutter” solutions by serving specific niches that require customized retail solutions.

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James Kane, CEO

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