PixelMEDIA: A Customer Oriented E-commerce Expert

Erik Dodier, CEO
The exponential growth of digital channels signifies an ever-increasing importance and focus on e-commerce. It has become a necessary commodity to remain competitive and relevant in today’s market. PixelMEDIA, founded in 1994, is a digital experience agency that assists lifestyle brands in launching, managing, and growing their e-commerce channels. The company drives profitability and revenue through web design and development, e-commerce strategy, and application design for mid-market and enterprise brands.

According to Erik Dodier, CEO at PixelMEDIA, the company's core value revolves around relationships—those with their clients, their staff, and their partners. The goal is focused on long term mentoring and support, which has been proven through time with long-term clients. “It’s really about forming long term strategic relationships and helping brands take their commerce channels and revenue goals, and continue to grow those year after,” says Dodier. This has helped the company keep a 99 percent retention rate with their customers. "We’re a reliable, referenceable, experienced partner— more experienced with growth rather than short term benefits, and we make investments in our clients that I don’t think other companies do,” he says. This has garnered Pixel a growing list of clientele including Bauer, Vibram, BCBG, Johnny’s Selected Seeds, and Stonewall Kitchen, as well as many others.

While Pixel once focused on many areas in the digital space, their emphasis is more specialized today. “From an evolutionary perspective, we made a very concerted effort to focus explicitly on lifestyle brands and specifically on e-commerce in the transaction space,” Dodier says. “I’d say the big maturation in the last several years for us is a heavy focus on transaction based online properties, most of which is actually B2C e-commerce,” he continues.

PixelMEDIA presents a unified approach to marketing and branding for its customer base. Dodier says Pixel views all tenants in the marketing aspect equally important, whether it be digital marketing, user experience, integration, development, or long term care.

We’re a reliable, referenceable, experienced partner— more experienced with long term growth rather than short term benefits

“You have to go at all these things with a unified approach,” he adds.

The relationships within the company and also with the key partners gives Pixel a unique advantage. “We have two of the largest brands in the world when it comes to commerce as well as analytics,” he states. The company is a Salesforce Commerce Cloud Certified Implementation Partner and the digital marketing team is a Google Premier Partner. These partnerships give Pixel access to the depths of research and analytics in the programs and campaigns that are tailored to their customers. “It’s about looking at the entire value chain and understanding where the touch points are and where the opportunities are going to be,” Dodier says.

Pixel’s experienced design team is a cornerstone of their offerings. Dodier says, “It’s the thing that everybody touches and sees, and probably the most judgmental about. Informed design creates confident loyal customers and brand advocates.” Pixel does a lot of prototyping and experience modeling. “Everybody’s got an idea about the way it should be, but you have got to get in there, and model some of the more progressive ideas, and perform the testing on them, and make sure that you’re not throwing away good money at bad ideas.”

The long term goals of Pixel are centered around being a bigger and better version of what they are today. “We have a great brand and a great track record. We don’t want to be different. We just want to be a better partner, and have bigger network as well as a larger footprint of customers and partners,” Dodier signs off.


Portsmouth, NH

Erik Dodier, CEO

A digital agency that works with lifestyle brands to help launch, manage and grow their e-commerce channel